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NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun
NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun

NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Massage Gun

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    Why Buy From Elite Fitness Warehouse
    The NIMBL XLR8 is an elite commercial-grade massage device designed for fitness experts, trainers, gyms, physical therapists, and anyone that demands the best in their equipment performance, reliability, and durability.

    • Commercial Grade
    • 6 Attachment Heads
    • 6 Intensity Speed Settings Speeds
    • 4 Hour Battery Life
    • 1 Hour Charge Time
    • Carrying Case
    • Free Online Education (a $99 value)
    • Feather Light
    • Whisper Quiet
    • E-Z Comfort Grip
    • Quick Charge


    Why NIMBL XLR8 is 13 mm amp vs. 16 mm (more doesn't mean better).

    Amplitude is a key component of vibration and percussion and is largely determined by the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue. At NIMBL we chose 13 mm as it allows us to affect both superficial and deep muscular/connective tissue without causing pain. Greater amplitudes actually have a “hammer” effect that has been shown to cause bruising and neural tissue shutdown. In our internal studies and from available research we feel our lower amplitude optimizes benefits and minimizes the opportunity to cause actual tissue damage.

    XLR8 has six speeds and why that is essential

    Speeds are equally important in vibration and percussion as they cause different tissue responses. The wider frequency range allows us to provide strengthening, pre-movement tissue activation, and increase muscle temperature with our lower speeds. Our middle speeds are for priming and power preparation and higher speeds for recovery, trigger point release, and overall sense of wellbeing. Our 20-70 Hz range provides a safe range for most users.


    NIMBL’s exclusive Apollo™ attachment head

    The body is more than tissue, and percussion on bone can be quite uncomfortable and in some cases dangerous. At NIMBL, we identified a need for a soft attachment head to “dampen” the percussive effect and allow us to percuss on and near bony structures and developed the patent-pending Apollo™. Some market competitors offer a mushroom-shaped soft head which only goes over bones. We created the Apollo, with its acute point, to allow us to not only percuss over bone but to also percuss next to and into the connective tissue for greater recovery and rejuvenation.


    A more intuitive, user-first interface

    Most market percussive devices UI has a power button which also controls the speed of percussion. This UI is cumbersome as in most cases you have to cycle through all the speeds to get to a lower or higher speed. The NIMBL XLR8 has an independent power button as well as a + and – for increasing or decreasing speeds easily and quickly. This allows the user to move through tissue and change speeds accordingly.


    Quiet is important to better outcomes

    The NIMBL XLR8 is quiet, and that’s a game-changer. The noise was one of our first concerns as the neural response to noise is “stress” and stress triggers a fight-or-flight response, thereby reducing the effectiveness of a
    treatment. Sound has a huge impact on the body’s response to muscle
    therapy and creating less tension is critical. Noise also can be disruptive
    to co-workers and family members and interfere with work and
    lifestyle. Our goal with percussion regardless of pre-, intra- or post-use
    is to activate neural-tissue communication at its highest level. If users experience a loud stressful noise at the onset this sets them up more for failure than success.

    The NIMBL handle design - many options and maximizes user safety

    NIMBL solved the problem that many other companies struggle with: a heavy product that takes the user’s wrist out of neutral and puts undue pressure and strain on it. The XLR8 weighs just over one pound and its mass is well distributed, enabling a pain-free user experience, even among practitioners who are using it many hours a day.



    Whisper Quiet
    E-Z Comfort Grip
    6 Attachment Heads
    6 Intensity Speed Settings Speeds
    20-70 Hz
    Battery Life - 4 Hours
    Charge Time - 1 Hour
    Weight - 1.12 lbs / .50 kgs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Keith C.

    Wonderful product!! We love it and have recommended it to our friends. Excellent quality.

    Nicole R.

    Less vibration in handle and more range of speeds. Easy to use and super helpful.


    It is one of the best therapy guns I have used. What puts it ahead of others is how quiet it is and how well it holds its battery charge. It is extremely easy to operate and has very accurate power settings. Highly recommend to anyone trying to maintain high levels of fitness.

    Maureen H.

    I started using the NIMBL XLR8 massage device during the COVID 19 lockdown. It really helped me with my neck, back and especially my hips which became very stiff and sore due to sitting in my home office working countless hours days and weeks on end. As a highly-educated fitness professional and licensed physiotherapist it takes a lot to impress me. I have seen a lot of products and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to personal trainers, physical therapists and anyone that is interested in feeling better and performing at a higher level.

    Kurt A.

    I do intense strength training twice a week and for 2 days after my muscles are sore. Now, I use the NIMBLE after my strength training sessions and no more soreness - I love it!! My wife loves it! And my daughter was in town over the weekend and tried it and loved it as well!!